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General conditions of sale

1 – Buying from Klipick

Klipick operating office is located at Corso XXI Gennaio no. 140, 61020 Vallefoglia (PU), VAT number: 02469120410. 

The main purpose of this page is to give customers a general idea of the terms and conditions of sale and it is in no way intended to represent all the business procedures for customer service.

2 – Purchaising procedure

1. In order to terminate a purchase agreement on www.klipick.com, it is necessary visit payments.
2. The contract is concluded when Klipick receives the order form properly filled out and the relative payment.
3. On-line sales agreement between customer and supplier is intended as finalised in Italy and regulated under Italian law.
4. If you don’t agree to some of the general terms and conditions of sale, you’re invited not to submit your order and to contact Klipick staff for further information.

3 – Modifying an order

Any modification of previously submitted orders is guaranteed until we ship the items. Billing details can be modified up until the emission of the bill itself.

4 – Shipping and delivery

We offer different shipping methods, depending on the quantity/weight of the items. Delivery time is around 30-40 days (manufacturing and delivery time). Prices will be shown by e-mail on the estimate.

5 – Usage limits

All the information given are constantly revised by Klipick staff. At the same time, the huge variety of contents available, makes it possible to find some inaccuracies. It is our responsibility to work day by day with even more precision, but customers are anyway supposed to check and evaluate all the details they consider to be important, in order to guarantee their satisfaction.

6 – Right to withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw from the sales agreement (without any penalty and giving no reason) within 14 days of the receipt of the goods. The withdrawal period will expire after 14 days from the day you acquire physical possession of the goods.

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Corso XXI Gennaio, n. 140 61022 Vallefoglia (PU)

VAT number: 02469120410

Mobile: +39 340-5908302

Phone: +39 0721-472840

Email: info@klipick.com


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